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  United States

Authorized Dealers In Canada


Patterson Dental Canada

Phone: 1-800-570-6356
Safe-Flo White - 07621-0033
Safe-Flo Clear - 07621-0025

Henry Schein Canada

Phone: 1-800-263-3962
Safe-Flo White - 1147550
Safe-Flo Clear - 1147551
Safe-Flo SE Valve - 1171210
New Safe-Flo HV Valve - 1179292
New Safe-Flo Adapter - 1263257
Website: www.henryschein.ca
Sinclair Dental

Phone: 1-800-663-7393
Safe-Flo White - Call for info
Safe-Flo Clear - Call for info

Website: www.sinclairdental.com
 Maxill Inc.

 Phone: 1-800-268-8633
Safe-Flo White - 0WHBU
Safe-Flo Clear - 1CLBU
New Safe-Flo SE Valve - 0SUSE
New Safe-Flo HV Valve - 0HVSE
Website: www.maxill.com/professional/


Why take any risk regarding backflow and cross-contamination?

The Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM is a low cost elegant solution that manages risk and puts you at ease.