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  1. Video of the Safe-Flo Saliva Ejector in Action (You must allow Active X controls to see Video)  
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Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM in Action  (You must allow Active X controls to see Video)

In order to show backflow occurring in the saliva ejector, colored water was sucked into the vacuum line.  The end of the saliva ejector was plugged repeatedly using a person's thumb.  The video shows backflow occurring into the Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM.  The Safe-Flo valve snaps shut when the airflow is blocked and prevents the backflow from getting through the saliva ejector and into a patient's mouth.  See the "Product Overview" link above to see a short presentation on the cross contamination issue and the Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM.

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Why take any risk regarding backflow and cross-contamination?

The Safe-Flo Saliva Ejector TM  is a low cost elegant solution that manages the risk and puts you at ease.



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